Mac Miller Album Drops Early

As the ultimate Mac Miller fan I found myself rejoicing as I received this link while reading Machiavelli’s The Prince at 1:00 am. For all of you classic Mac followers, he doesn’t disappoint. Check out his newest album “GO:OD AM” along with an accompanying article written by NPR detailing the 23-year-old Miller’s successful but not so easy journey with music. Continue reading Mac Miller Album Drops Early

Bieber’s Back Baby

Anyone remember Britney Spears’ downfall of 2007? Those horrendous images of her shiny new haircut, or dare I say utter baldness? Not her finest moment to say the least. But she’s Britney bitch, and the bitch always comes back. 19 months later she stepped back into the spotlight with her release of her album “Circus”, and this Womanizer rose to the top again. In today’s … Continue reading Bieber’s Back Baby