Why Intramural Sports Matter

It’s freshman year, you’re coming off of a “dope” senior year and your class got “soooooo close”, and Jimmy’s mom totally let everyone drink at his grad party. What a time to be alive!  Needless to say you’re riding high. As the first couple of days pass you meet tons of people! As these interactions continue you start to wonder, “Am I meeting the same … Continue reading Why Intramural Sports Matter

What’re thooose?

Crocs. They’re innovative. They’re comfortable. They come in countless colors and styles (although tbh if you’re buying the Croc Cyprus IV Heel, do less). Most importantly, they were one of the many pairs of shoes accompanying me to my first year at Boston College. I felt no shame in this decision, as I’m a Minnesotan and, for the record, we wear Crocs there while still … Continue reading What’re thooose?