25 More Middle School Bangers

Originally posted on Trillanova:
In response to our Mother site Chestnut Trill’s most recent article “25 Middle School Bangers“, I have decided to add my own 25 bangers from this time period. Without any repetitions, these hits can be added to form a monster throwback playlist with our co-collaborators at Boston College. Think back to your Middle School dance. Buried beneath all the awkwardness, the DJ killed it with jam after… Continue reading 25 More Middle School Bangers

25 Middle School Bangers

Middle school was an incredible time to be alive. Awkwardness everywhere as puberty began to take its toll. Those yearbooks are the real American Horror Story. Unfortunately in the whirlwind that was those years, some of the music was lost to time. Take a second to reminisce upon the songs that occupied our iPod Nanos during our most difficult period. Without further adieu, in no … Continue reading 25 Middle School Bangers