Review: Table for Six

Mac. The name is notorious for being synonymous with miserable food; where dreams of fine dining and fulfilling meals go to die. While dissecting my fifth grilled chicken sandwich of the week I could not help but long for something better than what I was currently eating, but the usual suspects (Eagles Deli, Dominos, New Hong Kong) didn’t seem as appetizing as they once were. … Continue reading Review: Table for Six

[Sponsored] 250 Word Review: GoPuff

Cannot believe how many people still have no clue what GoPuff is. Their menu is like late night on steroids: Barry Bonds-level. And it delivers? In 30 minutes or less guaranteed? It’s not too good to be true. How this isn’t spreading like wildfire is beyond me. GoPuff was there for me during the blizzards of January with Hot Pockets, it was there for me … Continue reading [Sponsored] 250 Word Review: GoPuff

250 Word Review: Maria from Eagle’s Nest

1993 Michael Jordan. 2000 Tiger. ’07 Brady. All three are legends in the prime of their careers, and Maria from Eagle’s Nest is no different at this moment in her sandwich-making life. Whether it’s my personal favorite Tuscan chicken or the spicy steak, Maria consistently steps up to the plate and hits 500-foot dingers out of the park day-in and day-out. You could wait on … Continue reading 250 Word Review: Maria from Eagle’s Nest