Love Your Body Week: A Mission

Love Your Body Week: So it’s Love Your Body Week here at Boston College, and everyone should be taking part. It’s a great philosophy and ideology, and nearly everyone gets a better understanding of who they are and the infinite reasons they should be okay with that. Everyone’s always going to be dealing with something intrapersonally, so to shame anyone over anything about their physical … Continue reading Love Your Body Week: A Mission

College is a Time to Experiment.

You know that awkward interval of time between your classes that you originally scheduled with the intent of doing all your homework? Well if there are two things we have learned as second-year college students, it’s that (1) time management is a myth and (2) that time in between your classes is best used experimenting with BC Dining options or launching a new humor blog with your … Continue reading College is a Time to Experiment.

A Day in the Life of CoRo

Prologue: What you are about to read is a first-hand account of life in Hell on Earth. This is a rare glimpse behind the iron curtain, into one of Boston College’s most closely guarded and shameful secrets: College Road a.k.a. CoRo. Few have dared to even set foot on this hallowed hill, much less interact with its inhabitants. The tale of woe that follows is … Continue reading A Day in the Life of CoRo

What’re thooose?

Crocs. They’re innovative. They’re comfortable. They come in countless colors and styles (although tbh if you’re buying the Croc Cyprus IV Heel, do less). Most importantly, they were one of the many pairs of shoes accompanying me to my first year at Boston College. I felt no shame in this decision, as I’m a Minnesotan and, for the record, we wear Crocs there while still … Continue reading What’re thooose?