Relay for Life

Morphsuits, so terrifying right now, morphsuits. Relay for Life is a cause near and dear to my heart. Scheduled for April 1st, 2016, it is BC’s largest non-sporting event and has raised over $1,000,000 in donations since its inception on campus, making it the first Massachusetts school ever to reach the mark. This year they’ve raised over $18,000 and need your help for more. Here … Continue reading Relay for Life

Top 10 Movie Villains

10) Alien—No one can hear you scream in space, unless of course you’re in a movie. While it became the face of sci-fi horror across three movies, nothing will beat his first appearance—I mean there’s nothing like implanting an egg in a human and then exploding viciously out of his stomach to signal your presence 9) Calvin Candie—yes, I know it’s Leo, but c’mon, the … Continue reading Top 10 Movie Villains

The Segway Board Boasts BC Bestseller

Our campus has recently seen an influx of the mysterious skateboard-like Segway called the IO Hawk, most notably in the hands of our football players but not limited to them exclusively. Imagine what grandparents must think of us able bodied youth using these devilish devices. I can hear my own “If we aren’t careful, the robots are going to control us one day”; all right … Continue reading The Segway Board Boasts BC Bestseller

250 Word Review: Halloweentown

Tonight my hallmates in Welch 3 and I continued a tradition like no other: the annual screening of Halloweentown. Campus is buzzing with the rapid approach of the upcoming Halloweekend and we thought of no better way to celebrate than by watching this classic. Synopsis: A teenage girl learns she’s a witch and seamlessly makes the transition into the wizard world before helping her mother … Continue reading 250 Word Review: Halloweentown

College is a Time to Experiment.

You know that awkward interval of time between your classes that you originally scheduled with the intent of doing all your homework? Well if there are two things we have learned as second-year college students, it’s that (1) time management is a myth and (2) that time in between your classes is best used experimenting with BC Dining options or launching a new humor blog with your … Continue reading College is a Time to Experiment.

Unbiased Drunk Game Previews: Boston College Eagles vs. Clemson “University” Tigers

Shoutout to #Jah for this one, he is my rock, my guardian angel, and the reason my eyes are almost completely shut right now. Matchup: Boston College vs. Clemson University Game Date: October 17, ’15. That is this Saturday, after the Regatta. 7:00 Post Meridiem (P.M.) Location: Memorial Stadium, Clemson, USA P.O. Box 69696. Also pretty sure they call this shit death-valley? Did I ask? … Continue reading Unbiased Drunk Game Previews: Boston College Eagles vs. Clemson “University” Tigers

8 Reasons BC is the Whitest Place on Earth

Diversity is a crucial element to any life experience, something to be embraced, not feared. The minority students here have enriched the BC community as a whole as well as my own personal experience at the school. Recognizing the overwhelming homogeneity at our school, however, is not racism or xenophobia. To not do so would simply be a refusal to face the facts. Eight reasons why the … Continue reading 8 Reasons BC is the Whitest Place on Earth

Why Intramural Sports Matter

It’s freshman year, you’re coming off of a “dope” senior year and your class got “soooooo close”, and Jimmy’s mom totally let everyone drink at his grad party. What a time to be alive!  Needless to say you’re riding high. As the first couple of days pass you meet tons of people! As these interactions continue you start to wonder, “Am I meeting the same … Continue reading Why Intramural Sports Matter