Top 10 Movie Villains

10) Alien—No one can hear you scream in space, unless of course you’re in a movie. While it became the face of sci-fi horror across three movies, nothing will beat his first appearance—I mean there’s nothing like implanting an egg in a human and then exploding viciously out of his stomach to signal your presence 9) Calvin Candie—yes, I know it’s Leo, but c’mon, the … Continue reading Top 10 Movie Villains

250 Word Review: Halloweentown

Tonight my hallmates in Welch 3 and I continued a tradition like no other: the annual screening of Halloweentown. Campus is buzzing with the rapid approach of the upcoming Halloweekend and we thought of no better way to celebrate than by watching this classic. Synopsis: A teenage girl learns she’s a witch and seamlessly makes the transition into the wizard world before helping her mother … Continue reading 250 Word Review: Halloweentown

Clip of the Day – 9/13: AFL Hits

The people complaining about the lack of safety in the NFL would have a field day with the barbarians in Australia. If you can remember your name after playing a full game did you even play at all? Seriously after one season the brains of these players must look like bowls of mashed potatoes. They can’t even get through the coin toss without suffering multiple … Continue reading Clip of the Day – 9/13: AFL Hits

Donnie Trump and the Superhero Film Universe

In March of early next year, right around the same time of year Trump is securing his conservative nomination, another important race will be heating up, the race to see who the largest Superhero movie franchise. Whether or not you care about seeing Donald Trump achieve his dreams of glory is irrelevant, because on March 26th, the worlds eyes will be very much on the … Continue reading Donnie Trump and the Superhero Film Universe