20 Things I’ve Learned at BC

Boston College, man. What an incredible place. In my time here I’ve studied my fair share of academics but nothing compares to what I’ve learned outside the classroom. Without further adieu, the Top 20 Things I’ve Learned at BC: 1) Your foam mattress pad will be your best friend. Night in and night out, it’s there for you, no questions asked, even when it’s half … Continue reading 20 Things I’ve Learned at BC

65 Things I Don’t Pay $65,000 a Year For

At an elite university such as Boston College, students expect the most bang for their buck, and they’re not afraid to remind you of that fact. Here is a comprehensive list of 65 things that should be better financed by the astronomical price of an education at this school. I don’t pay $65,000… for the Plex. to wait in line for 30 minutes for a … Continue reading 65 Things I Don’t Pay $65,000 a Year For

500 Word Review: The Plex

Ah, the William P. Flynn Recreational Complex. What a beauty to marvel at. Whatever drugs the architect of this building was on, I’d love to try some; the weird pyramid-structure roof makes it seem like he designed it in the dark. The best part is that there must have been dozens of design options to choose from and the higher-ups at BC selected the one … Continue reading 500 Word Review: The Plex

BREAKING: Eagle’s Nests Lines Longer Than $1 million Stairs

Ah, the Eagle’s Nest. What is that you might ask? It’s alright I legitimately had no clue that the second floor of McElroy Commons contained anything other than a space to collect dust and a small flat area before the stairs up to Mac (apparently officially called Carney?). So, as I discovered the amazing oasis that contains everything from the ~Green it~ salad station, to … Continue reading BREAKING: Eagle’s Nests Lines Longer Than $1 million Stairs

Fantasy Off-Campus Draft: BC Alumni Edition

It’s mind-boggling to think that some of the world’s celebrities and gamechangers have passed through the same doors that we do on a daily basis. They put their pants on one leg of a time, shoveled the snow out of their doorways and ate hazardous amounts of late night just like BC kids do today. With the search for off-campus houses for the 2016-2017 school … Continue reading Fantasy Off-Campus Draft: BC Alumni Edition

BC Hidden Gems (Week 1: THE SAUNA!)

DISCLAIMER: Sharing hidden gems via the internet is paradoxical, because they (obviously) no longer remain hidden and quickly become popular.  Personally I feel that it begins to ruin the initial appeal of the hidden gem itself, but nevertheless, I have decided to share a hidden gem at BC each week with you all.  Why? Well it doesn’t seem fair keeping all of the best unknown people, places, and … Continue reading BC Hidden Gems (Week 1: THE SAUNA!)

A Day in the Life of CoRo

Prologue: What you are about to read is a first-hand account of life in Hell on Earth. This is a rare glimpse behind the iron curtain, into one of Boston College’s most closely guarded and shameful secrets: College Road a.k.a. CoRo. Few have dared to even set foot on this hallowed hill, much less interact with its inhabitants. The tale of woe that follows is … Continue reading A Day in the Life of CoRo

What’re thooose?

Crocs. They’re innovative. They’re comfortable. They come in countless colors and styles (although tbh if you’re buying the Croc Cyprus IV Heel, do less). Most importantly, they were one of the many pairs of shoes accompanying me to my first year at Boston College. I felt no shame in this decision, as I’m a Minnesotan and, for the record, we wear Crocs there while still … Continue reading What’re thooose?

250 Word Review: Maria from Eagle’s Nest

1993 Michael Jordan. 2000 Tiger. ’07 Brady. All three are legends in the prime of their careers, and Maria from Eagle’s Nest is no different at this moment in her sandwich-making life. Whether it’s my personal favorite Tuscan chicken or the spicy steak, Maria consistently steps up to the plate and hits 500-foot dingers out of the park day-in and day-out. You could wait on … Continue reading 250 Word Review: Maria from Eagle’s Nest