Imagining BC In 100 Years

A century ago, BC did not in anyway resemble the university we know today. Our beloved Gasson was only two years old and students couldn’t #gassongram it because Instagram was still 95 years away. If you thought no FIFA nights with the guys would suck, just imagine going to school without girls – BC didn’t become fully co-ed until ’74. With these telling details in … Continue reading Imagining BC In 100 Years

Gio, the King of Walsh

The man. The myth. The legend. The Gio. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting Walsh Hall, then you know the exact man I’m talking about. This man is the Maria of the Walsh Security Guard staff. The calm, cool, collected, Gio. I’m not going to bullshit you, no one likes getting cockblocked by Walsh security. You’re trying to bring a lady friend back … Continue reading Gio, the King of Walsh

Love Your Body Week: A Mission

Love Your Body Week: So it’s Love Your Body Week here at Boston College, and everyone should be taking part. It’s a great philosophy and ideology, and nearly everyone gets a better understanding of who they are and the infinite reasons they should be okay with that. Everyone’s always going to be dealing with something intrapersonally, so to shame anyone over anything about their physical … Continue reading Love Your Body Week: A Mission

Weekend Sendoff & Shop

It’s Friday.     Congratulations, people: you made it through the week. So kick back, trade in those khakis and leggings for sweatpants and start the unwinding process off right. Last home football game/tailgate til 2016 on Saturday. Act accordingly.          Khaki bucket hat with the logo below on it: Buy a Relay for Life shirt for $20 and donate 33% of … Continue reading Weekend Sendoff & Shop

Life with a Beard: Your Guide to No Shave November

*Editor’s note*:  This month we’ll be selling the shirts seen below for $20, with 33% of the profits going towards Relay for Life. Relay is the largest non-sporting event on campus and is a crucial factor in spreading awareness and fundraising to turn the tide in the fight against cancer. Visit our new shop and buy one today here.          Disclaimer: What … Continue reading Life with a Beard: Your Guide to No Shave November

Relay for Life

Morphsuits, so terrifying right now, morphsuits. Relay for Life is a cause near and dear to my heart. Scheduled for April 1st, 2016, it is BC’s largest non-sporting event and has raised over $1,000,000 in donations since its inception on campus, making it the first Massachusetts school ever to reach the mark. This year they’ve raised over $18,000 and need your help for more. Here … Continue reading Relay for Life

The Segway Board Boasts BC Bestseller

Our campus has recently seen an influx of the mysterious skateboard-like Segway called the IO Hawk, most notably in the hands of our football players but not limited to them exclusively. Imagine what grandparents must think of us able bodied youth using these devilish devices. I can hear my own “If we aren’t careful, the robots are going to control us one day”; all right … Continue reading The Segway Board Boasts BC Bestseller

College is a Time to Experiment.

You know that awkward interval of time between your classes that you originally scheduled with the intent of doing all your homework? Well if there are two things we have learned as second-year college students, it’s that (1) time management is a myth and (2) that time in between your classes is best used experimenting with BC Dining options or launching a new humor blog with your … Continue reading College is a Time to Experiment.

8 Reasons BC is the Whitest Place on Earth

Diversity is a crucial element to any life experience, something to be embraced, not feared. The minority students here have enriched the BC community as a whole as well as my own personal experience at the school. Recognizing the overwhelming homogeneity at our school, however, is not racism or xenophobia. To not do so would simply be a refusal to face the facts. Eight reasons why the … Continue reading 8 Reasons BC is the Whitest Place on Earth

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Res Life is Coming! Res Life is Coming!

As a heterosexual white male from a stable financial background I rarely have anything to get worked up about. I’m not saying this to boast or to devalue others; I’m saying it because it’s the truth. My dude Lil Dicky hilariously sums up my existence in his rap song “White Dude,”: With that said, I have recently been the subject of cruel and unusual punishment. … Continue reading Res Life is Coming! Res Life is Coming!

65 Things I DO Pay $65,000 a Year For

To follow up Killa Cam’s SATIRICAL article from last week: enjoy If there is one thing we are taught as students at Boston College, it is gratitude and appreciation for what we have been granted. From the challenging educational courses and invaluable service opportunities, to the endless access to resources and human capital, Boston College students are truly provided with everything we could possibly need in … Continue reading 65 Things I DO Pay $65,000 a Year For