Unbiased Drunk Game Previews: Boston College Eagles vs. Clemson “University” Tigers

Shoutout to #Jah for this one, he is my rock, my guardian angel, and the reason my eyes are almost completely shut right now. Matchup: Boston College vs. Clemson University Game Date: October 17, ’15. That is this Saturday, after the Regatta. 7:00 Post Meridiem (P.M.) Location: Memorial Stadium, Clemson, USA P.O. Box 69696. Also pretty sure they call this shit death-valley? Did I ask? … Continue reading Unbiased Drunk Game Previews: Boston College Eagles vs. Clemson “University” Tigers

Why Intramural Sports Matter

It’s freshman year, you’re coming off of a “dope” senior year and your class got “soooooo close”, and Jimmy’s mom totally let everyone drink at his grad party. What a time to be alive!  Needless to say you’re riding high. As the first couple of days pass you meet tons of people! As these interactions continue you start to wonder, “Am I meeting the same … Continue reading Why Intramural Sports Matter

Postseason Baseball feat. the New York Mets

Yesterday marked the end of Major League Baseball’s regular season and for a select ten teams that meant the beginning of postseason play. And for the first time since 2006, my beloved New York Mets are included in this distinguished group. To put that into perspective, the last time this happened George Bush was in the middle of his second term as president, Snapchat was … Continue reading Postseason Baseball feat. the New York Mets

It’s Time to Start Questioning Steve Addazio

Source: It’s Time to Start Questioning Steve Addazio *Disclaimer: I know that no one cares about BC football, but I do and need a forum to rant. This blog is for me more than anything else. Boston College has the potential to have an elite football team (men scream in protest, women faint, babies start crying). I know; it’s a bold statement. After all, this … Continue reading It’s Time to Start Questioning Steve Addazio

NFL Sunday Recap: 9/13

Equipped with my Revis jersey I, like many others across the campus and around the country, sat down early yesterday, shook off the lasting side effects of the day before, and turned on ESPN to watch Chris Berman shove wildly inaccurate predictions down my throat in his weekly 2-Minute Drill. Following two hours of Merrill Hoge wearing ridiculously large tie knots, Adam Schefter checking his … Continue reading NFL Sunday Recap: 9/13

Patriot Game Recap

VICTORYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! Let me just start off by saying that I will address all complaints about the Patriots squad. I understand your concerns, but first let me just celebrate a little. The Patriots offense looked damn good last night, and I had the fortune of attending the game with friends. The night started off with a god-fucking-awful drive to Gillette. I honestly thought we were going … Continue reading Patriot Game Recap

Football’s Back, Baby! But so is the G.O.A.T.

Thank god this shit’s here. The entire summer was plagued with petty insults about how the Patriots cheated. When faced with wastes of time such as this, I would simply just respond, “If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying,” and walk away laughing as they fumed with rage. COOL!! I get it. Some of you who are about to read this article fucking hate the … Continue reading Football’s Back, Baby! But so is the G.O.A.T.

Tom Brady is Free at Last

This is not a pro-Brady article. I hate the Patriots, and I loathe Tom Brady. My childhood was shaped round watching him pick apart my beloved Jets on Sundays and quadrupling the amount of Super Bowl wins the Jets have in their history in a short 13 years. I watched Malcolm Butler haul in the championship-winning interception at Sunset Cantina while wearing my Joe Namath … Continue reading Tom Brady is Free at Last