250 Word Review: Boys Wearing Headphones

The year is 2015. Technology is integrated into almost every aspect of our daily lives. People keep a phone in hand almost everywhere they go, but WHY do people – mostly males – stay strapped with a pair of headphones around their neck everywhere they go. I walked into the Lower dining hall yesterday (its proper name is Corcoran commons, pour one out for the dude named … Continue reading 250 Word Review: Boys Wearing Headphones

What’re thooose?

Crocs. They’re innovative. They’re comfortable. They come in countless colors and styles (although tbh if you’re buying the Croc Cyprus IV Heel, do less). Most importantly, they were one of the many pairs of shoes accompanying me to my first year at Boston College. I felt no shame in this decision, as I’m a Minnesotan and, for the record, we wear Crocs there while still … Continue reading What’re thooose?

Asking for a friend

Here begins a story that happened/is happening to a friend of a friend’s boyfriend’s cousin’s friend. No relation or ties to my life story at all pls no judgement kthanks. This girl’s boyfriend of almost 2 years goes to school about 966 miles away and they donut see each other often. Physical interaction between the two average about one weekend getaway every other month. I don’t … Continue reading Asking for a friend

E-Cigarettes: Review in 250 Words or Less

What’s the deal with E-Cigs, vapes, or whatever you call them if you’re European? The majority of people seem to fall into the same camp—one summed up by the one and only Ray Velcoro, the wordsmith of True Detective’s newest season: Real cigarettes just seem so much more legit and, for the most part, stop you from either looking like a grade-A douche who spends … Continue reading E-Cigarettes: Review in 250 Words or Less