Tips for Girls

Every girl is awesome the way they already are. Observing these tips is not essential. First and foremost, be yourself. You’re great. With that being said, the guys have satirically assembled the following cheat sheet on how to go the extra mile to win our hearts over. It goes as follows: Do’s Bring us food. Not in the stereotypical “make me a sandwich” way. We don’t expect … Continue reading Tips for Girls

Postseason Baseball feat. the New York Mets

Yesterday marked the end of Major League Baseball’s regular season and for a select ten teams that meant the beginning of postseason play. And for the first time since 2006, my beloved New York Mets are included in this distinguished group. To put that into perspective, the last time this happened George Bush was in the middle of his second term as president, Snapchat was … Continue reading Postseason Baseball feat. the New York Mets

20 Things I’ve Learned at BC

Boston College, man. What an incredible place. In my time here I’ve studied my fair share of academics but nothing compares to what I’ve learned outside the classroom. Without further adieu, the Top 20 Things I’ve Learned at BC: 1) Your foam mattress pad will be your best friend. Night in and night out, it’s there for you, no questions asked, even when it’s half … Continue reading 20 Things I’ve Learned at BC

500 Word Review: The Plex

Ah, the William P. Flynn Recreational Complex. What a beauty to marvel at. Whatever drugs the architect of this building was on, I’d love to try some; the weird pyramid-structure roof makes it seem like he designed it in the dark. The best part is that there must have been dozens of design options to choose from and the higher-ups at BC selected the one … Continue reading 500 Word Review: The Plex

Throwback Thursday: US President All-Star Team

Commander-in-chief. The executive branch. Mr. President. POTUS. Regardless of the title, they all come down to the same thing: the most powerful person in the free world. Yet for such an important position, the Oval Office has certainly had its fair share of characters, both qualified and not, behind the desk over the years. Starting five: Center: Coming in at 6’2, a giant among his … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: US President All-Star Team

Fantasy Off-Campus Draft: BC Alumni Edition

It’s mind-boggling to think that some of the world’s celebrities and gamechangers have passed through the same doors that we do on a daily basis. They put their pants on one leg of a time, shoveled the snow out of their doorways and ate hazardous amounts of late night just like BC kids do today. With the search for off-campus houses for the 2016-2017 school … Continue reading Fantasy Off-Campus Draft: BC Alumni Edition

NFL Sunday Recap: 9/13

Equipped with my Revis jersey I, like many others across the campus and around the country, sat down early yesterday, shook off the lasting side effects of the day before, and turned on ESPN to watch Chris Berman shove wildly inaccurate predictions down my throat in his weekly 2-Minute Drill. Following two hours of Merrill Hoge wearing ridiculously large tie knots, Adam Schefter checking his … Continue reading NFL Sunday Recap: 9/13

Vibes of the Day: 9/14

Not your average looking dude with a far above average voice, Post Malone will have you humming the chorus all day with his first mainstream success, White Iverson. Basketball fans can rejoice as the Dallas rapper packs hoops reference after hoops reference into this jam. Iverson. Davis. Harden. LOL @ your “Big 3,” Cleveland. Honestly I don’t know what he’s saying 75% of the time. He … Continue reading Vibes of the Day: 9/14

Clip of the Day – 9/13: AFL Hits

The people complaining about the lack of safety in the NFL would have a field day with the barbarians in Australia. If you can remember your name after playing a full game did you even play at all? Seriously after one season the brains of these players must look like bowls of mashed potatoes. They can’t even get through the coin toss without suffering multiple … Continue reading Clip of the Day – 9/13: AFL Hits

[Sponsored] 250 Word Review: GoPuff

Cannot believe how many people still have no clue what GoPuff is. Their menu is like late night on steroids: Barry Bonds-level. And it delivers? In 30 minutes or less guaranteed? It’s not too good to be true. How this isn’t spreading like wildfire is beyond me. GoPuff was there for me during the blizzards of January with Hot Pockets, it was there for me … Continue reading [Sponsored] 250 Word Review: GoPuff