Review: Table for Six

Mac. The name is notorious for being synonymous with miserable food; where dreams of fine dining and fulfilling meals go to die. While dissecting my fifth grilled chicken sandwich of the week I could not help but long for something better than what I was currently eating, but the usual suspects (Eagles Deli, Dominos, New Hong Kong) didn’t seem as appetizing as they once were. … Continue reading Review: Table for Six

Spotlight: WavyBeatz

Dormroom rappers rejoice. Angelo Hunt aka WavyBeatz, a fellow product of CLXF and Long Island, has been on his grind producing instrumentals for you to rap over. From personal experience I can say that they’re great to study with as well. CoRo resident Ding Zheng was two steps ahead and posted the bars below on Soundcloud yesterday. A Frenchie reference, Vineyard Vines, UMass and BU … Continue reading Spotlight: WavyBeatz

Weekend Sendoff & Shop

It’s Friday.     Congratulations, people: you made it through the week. So kick back, trade in those khakis and leggings for sweatpants and start the unwinding process off right. Last home football game/tailgate til 2016 on Saturday. Act accordingly.          Khaki bucket hat with the logo below on it: Buy a Relay for Life shirt for $20 and donate 33% of … Continue reading Weekend Sendoff & Shop

Halloweekend Recap

Halloween weekend has come and gone, leaving wreckage in its wake like a goddamn hurricane. The scene at breakfast in Lower/Mac today is what I imagine the apocalypse to look like: disheveled hair, mismatched clothes, looks of sorrow and confusion for as far as the eye can see. The body language signals a common message: don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee. You … Continue reading Halloweekend Recap

Relay for Life

Morphsuits, so terrifying right now, morphsuits. Relay for Life is a cause near and dear to my heart. Scheduled for April 1st, 2016, it is BC’s largest non-sporting event and has raised over $1,000,000 in donations since its inception on campus, making it the first Massachusetts school ever to reach the mark. This year they’ve raised over $18,000 and need your help for more. Here … Continue reading Relay for Life

250 Word Review: Halloweentown

Tonight my hallmates in Welch 3 and I continued a tradition like no other: the annual screening of Halloweentown. Campus is buzzing with the rapid approach of the upcoming Halloweekend and we thought of no better way to celebrate than by watching this classic. Synopsis: A teenage girl learns she’s a witch and seamlessly makes the transition into the wizard world before helping her mother … Continue reading 250 Word Review: Halloweentown

8 Reasons BC is the Whitest Place on Earth

Diversity is a crucial element to any life experience, something to be embraced, not feared. The minority students here have enriched the BC community as a whole as well as my own personal experience at the school. Recognizing the overwhelming homogeneity at our school, however, is not racism or xenophobia. To not do so would simply be a refusal to face the facts. Eight reasons why the … Continue reading 8 Reasons BC is the Whitest Place on Earth

25 Middle School Bangers

Middle school was an incredible time to be alive. Awkwardness everywhere as puberty began to take its toll. Those yearbooks are the real American Horror Story. Unfortunately in the whirlwind that was those years, some of the music was lost to time. Take a second to reminisce upon the songs that occupied our iPod Nanos during our most difficult period. Without further adieu, in no … Continue reading 25 Middle School Bangers