The Daily Jam (September 11th)

HOLYCHILD: Money All Around   Who: HOLYCHILD is a self proclaimed “Brat Pop” duo based out of Los Angeles, California. Formed at George Washington University in DC, Liz Nistico and Louie Diller, HOLYCHILD bring an enthusiastic energy with dare I say “bangers” of songs to party to. Their sound is both pop and electronic with percussionist Diller often taking sounds from non-traditional drummers and their … Continue reading The Daily Jam (September 11th)

The Daily Jam (September 10th)

WATERS: Mom and Dad’s   Who: WATERS is an indie pop band based out of San Francisco, California. They have a very hippie west coast vibe often handing out flowers during their show and having a completely upbeat vibe. I saw them preform earlier this year as an opener to Matt and Kim and they stole the show, truly and incredible band. Mom and Dad’s … Continue reading The Daily Jam (September 10th)

The Daily Jam (September 9th)

FIDLAR: 40oz. On Repeat  Who: FIDLAR is a punk rock (kind of surfer punk, kind of not) group from Los Angeles, California. Their self-titled debut album was homage to drinking, smoking, and how terrible going to rehab is. Now they are back with their sophomore LP titled Too that keeps the ball rolling in a similar direction. This was the first single off of said … Continue reading The Daily Jam (September 9th)