No-Shave November: Female Take

Hello. It’s ya girl Napoleon here. We’re a little over a week deep into No-Shave November and things are just getting going. For those that are unsure of why we as a society promote such an oddity as a whole month where the males do not shave their various facial hair, here’s a quick tutorial. The conversation initiated here is just what the goal of this … Continue reading No-Shave November: Female Take

BREAKING: Eagle’s Nests Lines Longer Than $1 million Stairs

Ah, the Eagle’s Nest. What is that you might ask? It’s alright I legitimately had no clue that the second floor of McElroy Commons contained anything other than a space to collect dust and a small flat area before the stairs up to Mac (apparently officially called Carney?). So, as I discovered the amazing oasis that contains everything from the ~Green it~ salad station, to … Continue reading BREAKING: Eagle’s Nests Lines Longer Than $1 million Stairs

250 Word Review: Boys Wearing Headphones

The year is 2015. Technology is integrated into almost every aspect of our daily lives. People keep a phone in hand almost everywhere they go, but WHY do people – mostly males – stay strapped with a pair of headphones around their neck everywhere they go. I walked into the Lower dining hall yesterday (its proper name is Corcoran commons, pour one out for the dude named … Continue reading 250 Word Review: Boys Wearing Headphones

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**REQUIRED READING FOR ALL FRESHMEN** This is an open letter to the residents of the glorious campuses of Upper and Newton. The word glorious is used loosely for Newton campus. I would like to first of all welcome you to the territory of Chestnut Trill, as well as give you a virtual tranquilizer and urge you to momentarily calm the heck down. You are just … Continue reading URGENT: 8-MAN DUE DATE TODAY