Review: Table for Six

Mac. The name is notorious for being synonymous with miserable food; where dreams of fine dining and fulfilling meals go to die. While dissecting my fifth grilled chicken sandwich of the week I could not help but long for something better than what I was currently eating, but the usual suspects (Eagles Deli, Dominos, New Hong Kong) didn’t seem as appetizing as they once were. I was out of options and stuck in a Mac-induced depression.

Eating salmon once again like

That was, until Table for Six opened.


If you know Jacob Palmer like I do, you know that he’s a man of many talents. What you may not realize, however, is that he excels when it comes to cooking, so when I found myself openly discussing the idea of Jacob starting his own restaurant I wasn’t surprised. He and his roommate Billy Carleton wanted to bring the home-cooked meals that they had come to take for granted and that college students miss so dearly to the general public, sharing their apartment and talents behind the grill with everyone. With this in mind Table for Six was created.

Located at 1464 Comm Ave (adjacent to the Warren St. T stop), the restaurant is open seven days a week, serving dinner during weeknights and breakfast on weekend mornings. Their menu includes chicken pot pie, lasagna, tacos (on Tuesday), and omelettes among a variety of other dishes that begin at an affordable $18. The place takes reservation parties of up to six dinner guests with a minimum requirement of two, and is an ideal destination for date nights or guys/girls nights out.

Murph doing Murph things

When I first walked in to Table for Six for its grand opening I was immediately struck by the avant garde ambiance the setting provided. Far from your average dormroom littered with Kate Upton posters and shrines of professional athletes, the dining room was surrounded by antiques and signs that spoke of Cape Cod and Americana. Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” could be faintly heard in the background mixed with the crackling sounds of a fireplace display as Billy took my jacket and placed it on the coatrack before pulling out my chair at the bar in the living room, where a cool beverage was already waiting for me.  My fellow dinner guests and I sat around a fireplace display while Billy chatted with us behind the bar, dressed in a full tuxedo. It was truly surreal.

Can’t make this stuff up.

After a round of appetizers I made my way over to the namesake table for six, where an entree of delicious chicken parm fit for a king was waiting for me, accompanied by succulent parmesan-crusted green beans and hand-tossed penne made with organic marinara sauce. Before I knew it I had devoured the meal and was enjoying a lovely post-dinner conversation with my fellow dinner guests, Jacob, and Billy over a cup of coffee and ice cream sprinkled with a fudge crumb topping. The perfect way to end the night.


Following dinner I went to pull up Uber on my phone when I was promptly stopped by Billy, who informed me that Table for Six offers its own transportation back to BC in the form of a brand new 2015 Chevy Silverado, equipped with wifi, waters, and Bluetooth. He dropped us off at Welch and bid us adieu, confident that he would see us again at his dinner table. He was right. I’m a convinced customer and am looking forward to my next visit at Table for Six.


You can book your reservation on their Yelp page here.

The Brighton restaurant scene just got that much better.

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