Love Your Body Week: A Mission

Love Your Body Week:
So it’s Love Your Body Week here at Boston College, and everyone should be taking part. It’s a great philosophy and ideology, and nearly everyone gets a better understanding of who they are and the infinite reasons they should be okay with that. Everyone’s always going to be dealing with something intrapersonally, so to shame anyone over anything about their physical appearance is weak and pointless and you should probably repeatedly stub your pinky toe or sit behind a crying baby on a 14 hour flight.


Now with this in mind, I, Liam Driscoll, a 19 year old guy turning 20 on Monday, am too curious to hit two decades without experiencing some of the hardships the opposite sex has to deal with. It’s obvious that public sentiment deems being a female harder, and it’s true. I don’t need to be one to know that, I just need a brain and a single ounce of common sense. Disagree? Carry around a growing meatball inside you for 9 months that makes you pee every 45 minutes and yak like you have a hangover a couple times a week. Still disagree? Shut up.

So this is where I call on you guys, the faithful readers of the Trill, both male and female, to give me a list of things I can do to emulate the hardships of a 19 year old stunning female. Now I’m talking the nitty gritty, tedious, and literally painful shit that women deal with. All of which i will post videos and pictures and write a blog about, detailing my experience.

However, this shit ain’t free…


In light of Chestnut Trill’s partnership with BC Relay for Life, I’m requesting that, if you guys want to see the worst of the worst, you donate to the great cause that is Relay for Life. $5, $10, $20, whatever it is, it’s a huge help to a campaign looking to rid the world of the hardships that come with the motherfucker of a disease that is cancer. Below is my Relay for Life page. Donate to me, or someone else if you find pleasure in spiting me. But donate nonetheless.

To reiterate: The more you pay, the more I do. This is on you guys. (Is prostituting yourself out for a good cause still prostitution? Prolly.)

So far, with the help of some great people and the good ol’ internet, I have begun to compile a list of things on the possible itinerary.

  1. Shaving My Legs
  2. Waxing Hair
  3. Threading My Eyebrows
    1. Hair In the Grand Scheme of Things Will be A Dominating Motif
  4. Walking/Running in High Heels
  5. Painting Your Dominant Hand Fingernails
  6. “Giving A Shit About What I Look Like For Class”
  7. Eating Like A Lady On A Date
  8. Finding Some Backward Means of Experiencing the Pain of Giving Birth

You think you have any others? We’re eager to hear, and I’m eager to participate. You can email any suggestions that you may have to

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