500 Word Review: Snapchat

Starting this off by saying I’m a Snapchat fiend. Just putting it out there. Anyways: Snapchat is debatably the 8th world wonder. It is magical and time consuming and probably the best thing since sliced bread. But like anything else in this world, it is not without its faults. That is why I am here to discuss the best and worst of snapchat over its short existence.


  • Geotags
    • The high I get from seeing a new geotag is similar to the one I get when I receive a package notification email. Its pretty great. The one for Walsh is a favorite. Killa Cam is currently in the works of a great Walsh 403 tag, stay posted. But its a great way of subtly letting the peeps know where you at. Keep the homies in the loop.
  • Lenses
    • At first I wasn’t sure. I looked like an idiot opening and closing my mouth as I sat alone at eagles waiting for my friends to brave the salad lines (20+ minutes). But they are great when you get a fire caption
  • Stories
    • Not instaworthy, but you kinda (really) want to show it off. The story. Thx you snap chat gods.
  • Time Consuming
    • I can distract myself from completing any task with the help of my phone, snap chat heightens this ability.


  • That time they got rid of Snapchat best friends lists
    • Nothing was better than the snapchat top 3. Throw back to the days when you could see anyone’s list. You could click your friends’ top 3 best friends and then those people’s names and see their top three. The possibilities were endless. 20 minutes later and you’d find yourself lost among sg00dz and homofob (ya that is someones real snap chat name). Then they ripped that freedom of exploration from our hands. We could
      only see our own friends’ top 3, but I was still okay with it because yanno you gotta make do with what you got. But then they got rid of the best friends all together. You can’t see anyones best friends anymore. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KEEP TABS ON MY NUMEROUS CRUSHES?!?!?! Fuck boys around the world definitely celebrated. I did not.
  • They got rid of the little number in the corner that told you how long stories were NOW I HAVE NO CLUE. truly unsettling.
  • Thats about it. Snapchat is pretty damn great.

ALSO PSA: people can now pay for replays? WHo the f would spend money on extra replays. if that is what you are spending your money on please be better.



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