8 Reasons BC is the Whitest Place on Earth

Diversity is a crucial element to any life experience, something to be embraced, not feared. The minority students here have enriched the BC community as a whole as well as my own personal experience at the school. Recognizing the overwhelming homogeneity at our school, however, is not racism or xenophobia. To not do so would simply be a refusal to face the facts. Eight reasons why the “BC Bubble” is unquestionably the whitest place on earth:

1. The Pops – $75 to seat in the bleachers and be handed a goodie bag full of Tuscan chickens and potato chips? Sure why not. Even cooler when your family buys one of the coveted tables. Anything for an excuse to wear a blazer or a new Anthropologie dress.


2. Head of the Charles Regatta – Did anyone have any interest in rowing before or after Saturday? No (If you do read The Boys in the Boat). The thought of breaking out a new Patagonia vest to join your fellow Bostonians in a celebration of Brooks Brothers/Vineyard Vines is the only thing aside from a tailgate that can get Eagles up early on Saturday morning (unless you’re joining me in the 5K this weekend).

3. Lululemon sale being a schoolwide holiday – I’m ashamed to say I’m friends with girls (yes, girls!) that woke up before the sunrise to get to this sale. The videos I saw from there were a sure sign of the apocalypse. The innocent girls I see around campus shoving and screaming for the chance to grab another pair of leggings. Truly Lord of the Flies-esque.

tumblr_mcz2wgZx531rks9ito1_500    13-Reasons-To-Avoid-Black-Friday-2

4. The Hunt – You could tell me Bernardsville, New Jersey was still segregated and I’d probably believe it. Whiter than the child of Larry Bird and Taylor Swift. People making the 4.5 hour trek from Boston to an open field in Jersey to do the same thing they do at school – drink. Only difference is there was a lot more plaid, flannel and riding boots than one would ordinarily see during any given weekend on the Heights.

far_hills_race      farhills1

5. Ubering from Lower to Upper freshman year. Because daddy’s credit card is equivalent to Monopoly money.

6. Starbucks in On the Fly. A school that notoriously does not outsource its food decided the one corporation it will allow to infiltrate its walls would be none other than Starbucks, the staple of the modern white girl as we know her. Every morning fellow CoRo residents and I stroll past On the Fly and see a half dozen girls waiting for their frappucinos. Really something to marvel at.


7. Patagonia and Lululemon being the official sponsors of club sports. Because the Under Armour products for the varsity team weren’t good enough.

8. The verb “summer”. Before I had come to BC I had never heard the term summer used as a verb. Maybe that just makes me uncultured but I think it’s worth noticing. Not too many places in this world where you can hear, “I spent the school year in Chestnut Hill and summered on Nantucket.” Blessings on blessings.


2 thoughts on “8 Reasons BC is the Whitest Place on Earth

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