Lost Season 1 Recap

Lost man. What a show, am I right? For those of you who miss this show terribly, I have good news for you. My roommate and I have decided to re-watch the show. Needless to say, Lost has become a key part of our day. There is nothing I love more than staying up till 3 AM ripping fat Lost sodes. We just finished season one, and here are my insights on the season:

Jack Shepard: Jack is THE man. Remember the opening scene? The dude literally managed to save everyone’s life. Jack-of-all-trades originates with this doctor’s ability to be the G.O.A.T. But seriously, is there anything this guy can’t do? Plus, he’s got one of the few attractive girls on the island all over his D.


Kate Austen: The fugitive of the island. Kate is a Grade A schemer. Never does she tell anyone her ambitions yet you know she always has a plan of attack. At the same time, she tries to give off this innocent vibe. She’s like the sweet girl in a sundress that seems to radiate niceness; however, when you start digging you find out she’s a serial killer and you’re her next target. Not the move.

Sawyer: Fuckboy numero uno. It don’t matter who you are, Sawyer has a nickname and a sarcastic one-liner waiting for you. He’s too proud to admit when he’s wrong, and there’s nothing you can do to shake his motivation. Personally, I like Sawyer because he brings much needed comedic relief to the island, not to mention he should star on the show hoarders. That dude scavenges like vultures waiting for their prey to die. The second you’re gone, so is your stuff. But don’t worry; Sawyer’s got it waiting to trade it for something he needs more.


Sayid Jarrah: The handyman every person wishes they had at their disposal. There isn’t anything he can’t fix. On top of this, he has this look going for him where his hair always looks wet. Low key kind of cool and low key kind of gross cause it looks mad greasy. Plus, he managed to procure queen THOT (Shannon) who is one of the other few good-looking girls on the island. Definitely the last person I would ever want to mess with considering he tortured people for a living.

John Locke: Along with Jack and Sayid, he is their best chance at survival on this island. Not only does he manage to get his legs back in the place crash, but the dude has knives on knives. Long knives, short knives, he has them all. Plus, all he ever does is drop knowledge on these people. Perhaps symbolic of his name, but there isn’t any problem he can’t solve by dropping a question on you that makes you ponder your entire existence as a person. He believes this all happened for a reason, and he is ready to do what it takes to prove it.


Charlie Pace: Charlie is our fiend of the island. While Locke ultimately helps Charlie overcome his addiction, he fiends hard for heroin. I guess if you’re gonna do drugs you might as well go all the way. On top of being a drug addict, he is a washed up member of the once popular band Drive Shaft. He has all of one song that people really know, and he paints his fingernails black. Hmmm. In addition to all this, he chooses perhaps the last attractive girl on the island to go after. I guess pregnant girls are his thing.

Claire Littleton: A.K.A. the pregnant girl. She arguably shouldn’t have been flying she was so late in her pregnancy. Nonetheless, here she is with the rest of the people on the island. Claire is incredibly nice but kind of guarded. She has a big role in the show because of her baby. Honestly, she bores me, and I don’t really care for her character.

Hurley: It doesn’t matter who or what you are Hurley will call you “Dude” every time without fail.  For those of you who read the Fat Guy Moves post, Hurley is the ultimate fat guy. Here they are on a deserted island with little-to-no food yet he manages to never lose weight. He claims he is down a notch on his belt but that guy hasn’t ever lost weight in his life, only gained it. Hurley claims he is cursed by the numbers that won him the lottery, (4,8,15,16,23,42) and while most people think he is just a big teddy bear little do they know that he is worth more than $150 million back in the U.S.

200 (2)

Michael and Walt Dawson: Michael is that guy who wants to help so badly, but doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing most of the time. Plus, drama always seems to follow him. He was thrown into the role of being a father when Walt’s mom (who took Walt with her in the first place) dies and the step-dad splits like a banana. Walt can sense that he doesn’t want this so their relationship takes some time to get going. Just as things are getting better, Walt is taken by the Others. What shitty timing.

Jin-Soo Kwon and Sun-Hwa Kwon: Perhaps the most interesting relationship on the island. This husband and wife combo is one that only makes everyone uncomfortable. Sun is one of the nicest people on the island who suffers because her husband has some serious control issues. She had arranged to leave him forever at the airport yet was brought back by his charm and her love for him. Unfortunately, her decision to stay landed her on this island, what a tragedy.

Boone Carlyle and Shannon Rutherford: Last but not least we have the two most spoiled people on the island. Shannon has never had to work a day in her life for anything, and she is incredibly stuck-up. Personally, she annoys me because she never wants to help. She actually thinks they are going to be rescued and spends her time tanning. Boone on the other hand is not so secretly in love with his stepsister. It is an interesting dynamic, because he will do whatever she wants whenever she wants. Nonetheless, this tops off our character review list.

Lost is a phenomenal show full of sexual innuendos. At the same time, Lost invented drama. Literally every scene has you on the edge of your seat. No show does character development through extensive flashbacks quite like Lost. At the same time, every scene ties into a later scene. It’s incredible, really, the thought and planning that went into this show.  J.J. Abrams is the dude for bringing excitement of this magnitude to my life.  I highly recommend it to those if you haven’t seen it. Sorry If I just ruined the first season for you.

Much love and as always keep it trill


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