25 More Middle School Bangers

@LincolnBurrows from Villanova joins the discussion on middle school bangers with his own 25 additions to the list. Insert fire emoji here. Check it out


In response to our Mother site Chestnut Trill’s most recent article “25 Middle School Bangers“, I have decided to add my own 25 bangers from this time period. Without any repetitions, these hits can be added to form a monster throwback playlist with our co-collaborators at Boston College. Think back to your Middle School dance. Buried beneath all the awkwardness, the DJ killed it with jam after jam. Now, without any specific order, here is my 25:

  1. Smack That. Would only be right for our list to start off with Akon, who dominated the game in the mid-2000s. Add Eminem right smack in the middle of his prime? Song will continue to be a banger for many years to come.
  2. Love in this Club. Usher: The Weeknd before The Weeknd. Usher killed the R&B game in the 2000s, and having a feature from Young Jeezy provides the perfect combination of R&B and…

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