65 Things I DO Pay $65,000 a Year For

To follow up Killa Cam’s SATIRICAL article from last week: enjoy

If there is one thing we are taught as students at Boston College, it is gratitude and appreciation for what we have been granted. From the challenging educational courses and invaluable service opportunities, to the endless access to resources and human capital, Boston College students are truly provided with everything we could possibly need in our repertoires to “Set the World Aflame.” Being the attentive and reflective scholars that we are here at Chestnut Trill, we wanted to take a moment to recognize the most relevant and important aspects of BC life that make us truly #blessedwiththebest.

  1. for pumpkin muffins from the rat
  2. for Maloney elevators
  3. for #1 hockey program in the country (kinda)
  4. for Mod parties
  5. for getting a Mod
  6. for getting an 8 man
  7. for watching Saturday morning Mod walks of shame from the comfort of my 8 man
  8. for snow days
  9. for Maria in Eagle’s Nest
  10. for #Gassongrams
  11. for late night mozz sticks
  12. for Marathon Monday
  13. for free Plex spin classes
  14. for hot Plex trainers
  15. for hot guys
  16. for hot girls
  17. for hot dads on parents weekend
  18. for hot moms on parents weekend ( looking at you @MorganFreeWOman (lol sorry (but c’mon she’s a smoke))) 12049638_997825860269715_3264053007194795514_n
  19. for game days
  20. for gameday tailgates, specifically the abundance of food & puppies
  21. for Tuscan Chicken sandwiches
  22. for seniors living in Walsh
  23. for Edmonds getting torn down
  24. for proximity to El Pelon
  25. for CSOM Dean’s Coffee on Wednesdays in Fulton
  26. for male CSOM students dressed fine on career fair or interview days
  27. for making the campus story
  28. for Plexapalooza
  29. for Turkey & Brie (S/O to the hidden gem that is the Stuart Deli)
  30. for the friendly and welcoming transport staff at St. E’s
  31. for hot OLs
  32. for the Res
  33. for Addie’s Brownie Batter Ice Cream
  34. for Tuesday nights
  35. for Thursday nights
  36. for Friday nights
  37. for Saturday nights
  38. for Sunday mornings in Lower (hats and sweatshirts can’t hide your SHAME)
  39. for add/drop period
  40. for intramural sports
  41. for Rubinoff
  42. for white underarmour athlete backpacks (RIP)
  43. for finally getting accepted to a club
  44. for Showdown
  45. for feeling like you’ve conquered Everest after summiting the Million Dollar Stairs
  46. for Easter Break
  47. for White Mountain
  48. for Plex people watching
  49. for 62 & 64 Kirkwood’s basement
  50. for Mudstock
  51. for Modstock
  52. for 2am bus-wide sing-alongs
  53. for being healthy af and getting a salad in Eagle’s #fitfam #girlswholift #makinggains #curlsforthegirls
  54. for The New England Classic (not the newspaper)
  55. for The New England Classic (not the sandwich)
  56. for Quesadilla Night
  57. for the view of the Boston skyline from 5th floor O’neill
  58. for BC’s underground frat (?¿)
  59. for Kerry Cronin date assignment success stories
  60. for Mac Starbucks (except not really but we’ll take what we can get)
  61. for Mac & Cheese Thursdays in the Rat
  62. for free cable
  63. for the Red Bandana
  64. for Amy Poehler as our alumni claim to fame
  65. For Boston

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