20 Things I’ve Learned at BC

Boston College, man. What an incredible place. In my time here I’ve studied my fair share of academics but nothing compares to what I’ve learned outside the classroom. Without further adieu, the Top 20 Things I’ve Learned at BC:

  • 1) Your foam mattress pad will be your best friend. Night in and night out, it’s there for you, no questions asked, even when it’s half past five. During the sweltering days of early September and the bleakest winter nights in February, that twin XL full inch of the latest and greatest Tempurpedic technology will be waiting for you when you get back.
  • 2) There’s no such thing as a party in Walsh, unless your idea of a party is fifty people packed in so tightly that you begin to fuse into the person next to you. No ventilation, profuse sweating, everybody screaming. Sounds more like a sweatshop than an 8 man.
  • 3) Mod parties are the breeding ground for hookup culture. S/o Kerry Cronin. So many people, so little lighting, so much Rubinoff. A recipe for success/disaster depending on how you look at it.
  • 4) Nothing says freshman guy quite like maxing out your credit card at Domino’s for cinna stix while playing FIFA til your hands develop callouses.
  • 5) Despite what your drunken self may be thinking at 245AM, New Hong Kong is never a good idea. The fried dumplings that looked so appetizing the night before now sit clumped up in your stomach the next morning. You and I know the feeling all too well.
  • 6) Tailgates are awesome. There’s no place on earth where parents will voluntarily pour pulls of Belvedere and Fireball into their kids’ mouths without blinking an eye. Seas of maroon and gold from the mod lot to Shea to Brighton.
  • 7) Your glorious high school idea of a college that lives and dies for its football team will be shattered when half of the kids from the tailgate use the game as time to catch up on a nap and those remaining leave at halftime.
  • 8) Try to join a club or five.
  • 9) You will be rejected from a club or five.
  • 10) Mozzarella sticks are wildly overrated, despite what those on Yik Yak might say.
  • 11) Sneezing in Bapst is equivalent to the death penalty.
  • 12) There are two kinds of people at this school: the hyperprofessional and everyone else. You’ve probably seen these people walking around in suit and tie attending every career fair and investment bank info session in sight. Their resumes are like yours on steroids. It’s okay not to be this person.
  • 13) Yik Yak is not as cool as you think it is. Nobody gives two shits about how many upvotes your latest BU reference or Tresch post received, I promise.
  • 14) Don’t ever become that guy. Not a good look.
  • 15) You’ll become very familiar with the workers here. Maria, Heraldo, Youseff, Ping, the guy from Mac with the big hat and dreads. There hasn’t been a cast of characters like this since the Avengers were assembled.
  • 16) Always have someone else buy your drinks for you. Somebody’s older brother or upperclassman club sports teammate will be making a run almost every day. And never, ever, try to buy from Wegman’s. Ever.
  • 17) Late night at 130AM is one of the more interesting sights you will ever see. It’s like a zoo for sober onlookers. Off-campus partygoers stumbling out of ubers in search of steak and cheese, the couple that is way too into PDA, the workers who have taken control of the aux cord. Absolute mayhem and I love it.
  • 18) Regardless of what time of day you walk by, there will always be two Asians smoking outside of O’Neill.
  • 19) Everything about the “BC look” is completely true. Patagonia, Timberland, LL Bean, JCrew, Hunter boots, etc, etc. I guess there needs to be an abundance of boots when you wake up in January and it looks like Scarface sneezed on your campus with all the snow around.
  • 20) Every bar you love will inevitably be shut down. It seems like every week there’s a new ‘move’. Porter Belly’s, Green Briar, Venu, Baseball Tavern, Naga. Condolences to those who were ambushed by the police at Garage last night. The only haven left for Tuesday/Thursday night debauchery is ol’ reliable, MA’s. Personally I still haven’t gotten over the loss of Arc. RIP.

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