At BC the major issues are on the forefront of our minds. Students are quick to engage in spirited discussions about social and political issues both on and off campus. Other problems tend to be swept under the rug: students come to accept them when they are not addressed, and they quickly become a persistent and constant impediment in our lives.


Here is Public Enemy Number 1. This half-doorwindow causes more built up anguish over the semester than any class or roommate could possible muster. It is always there without fail every single day, multiple times a day. Say the available hallway is approximately 40 inches wide, then this doorwindow easily takes off 18 inches. If the door were to be removed, the hallway space would increase by nearly 50%!!!!!, and increase only the greatest of CSOM students might see in a portfolio.

Instead, this doorwindow persists, fearlessly, at a school without too little initiative to remove it. The doorwindow is not simply an obstacle that prevents two people passing in the opposite direction. It is a reminder of other problems we have faced in our respective lives that should never have existed in the first place. The doorwindow is BC UIS, CoRo, or a missed extra point. It is Russell Wilson’s interception at the goal line in the Super Bowl, or Ian Howe’s fake clue at the end of National Treasure, or even your 2nd grade classmate who always reminded your teacher to assign homework.

Places in this world with no doorwindows are few and far between. Summer Vacation…and Lower are the two that immediately come to mind. Sometimes when I stop in the middle of that flight of stairs I just dont wanna stop.


and then this shit will happen because the doorwindow is the honey badger of BC. Let’s get rid of the doorwindow.


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