The Daily Jam (September 12th)

The Colourist: We Won’t Go Home

The Colourist
The Colourist in the real world

 Who: The Colourist are your typical indie pop band. They make music that all can love and listen to. They also make a great band to dance to and just plain enjoy. They are a quarter based out of Orange Country, California and they definitely bring the vibe that comes with that turf.

Why: We Won’t Go Home is a song for all of you wondering if you should just pack it up and call it a night. Maybe you didn’t get into that sick party in Mod 7B or maybe the security in Walsh was just too tight. You may be thinking that now is the time to hit up late night, maybe grab a freal milkshake and peace. But Eagles, tonight is not that night; tonight you do not go home. So through this tune into the old Jambox and get pumped for that midnight rally you’re about to have.

Live: Here’s a good clip of The Colourist playing jamming out live. Unfortunately, there are no plans for a live show in the Boston area, but I will make sure to keep you posted if anything pops up!

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