The Daily Jam (September 11th)

HOLYCHILD: Money All Around



Who: HOLYCHILD is a self proclaimed “Brat Pop” duo based out of Los Angeles, California. Formed at George Washington University in DC, Liz Nistico and Louie Diller, HOLYCHILD bring an enthusiastic energy with dare I say “bangers” of songs to party to. Their sound is both pop and electronic with percussionist Diller often taking sounds from non-traditional drummers and their vibe. They are just starting to blow up onto the pop music scene and their whole album The Shape of Brat Pop to Come is really worth a listen.

Why: What makes Money All Around different from any other “banger” you might here is the message. The song brings overtly sexual and arguably sexist themes into its lyrics to show how our society of pop culture and sex is backwards and needs reform. While at the same time, the song is able to replicate any other pop song in the way that people connect to it. Most who hear it would probably just assume it was part of the norm of pop culture because sex, gender roles, and money are so ingrained in the rest of their music.

Live: I don’t have a life video for you, but you should absolutely watch the video that was made to accompany this song that parodies MTV to get its message to pop culture across. HOLYCHILD has also announced a show in Boston at Paradise Rock Club on November 17th. Mark your calendars for what will be an absolute rager of a concert.

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