[Sponsored] 250 Word Review: GoPuff

Cannot believe how many people still have no clue what GoPuff is. Their menu is like late night on steroids: Barry Bonds-level. And it delivers? In 30 minutes or less guaranteed? It’s not too good to be true. How this isn’t spreading like wildfire is beyond me.

GoPuff was there for me during the blizzards of January with Hot Pockets, it was there for me during the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight with a gallon of assorted Ben & Jerry’s, and it is here for me now with a myriad of tasty treats to fit your every desire.

If you’re not into #fatguymoves like I am, no need to worry. GoPuff has updated their menu to include healthy options too, including but not limited to: hummus, fruits, granola bars, tea and almonds. The possibilities are endless. It’s actually mind-bottling.

GoPuff is also that friend you wish you had who brings all the essentials to make sure your extracurricular activities go smoothly (like studying, obviously. Not kidding they actually do sell school supplies). Their inventory comes in handy. Trust me. Check it out.

The nice people at GoPuff were nice enough to give us a coupon code, too. After downloading their app and filling up your cart with absolutely delicious snacks, type in “gotour” and get 20% off. Your taste buds will love you. Thank me later.

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