Football’s Back, Baby! But so is the G.O.A.T.

Thank god this shit’s here. The entire summer was plagued with petty insults about how the Patriots cheated. When faced with wastes of time such as this, I would simply just respond, “If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying,” and walk away laughing as they fumed with rage. COOL!! I get it. Some of you who are about to read this article fucking hate the Patriots (and maybe me by association), but that doesn’t stop them from winning. You can hate them all you want, but that doesn’t change the fact that you all know the Patriots could very well win again, and that’s what kills you. You can hope all you want, but wishful thinking isn’t everything (and it surely won’t stop Brady from playing). The Pats could do it all again, but some of you will never say it out loud. For those who can, get ready.  It’s gonna be one hell of a ride.



Look fellas, I get that we did lose some people on defense. But Mayo will be back, and I honestly think that the defense is looking tough and ready to give the Steelers the D tomorrow. The Steelers went from being the favorite to a 7-point underdog when the case that will finally end Roger Goodell’s career was decided (It was also recently reported that he likes to let monkeys lick Whip Cream off his nipples). The Pats added a 6-foot-7 and 260 pound tight end in Scott Chandler who will undoubtedly cause trouble if the Steelers (or any team for that matter) try to give Gronk too much attention (Remember, we have Tom Brady. The guy makes a bucket look like a Randy Moss back in his prime). The Steelers are without Le’Veon Bell cause he’s an idiot, and that defense can’t handle the chip that is vengeance hanging on LeGarrette Blount’s shoulder. I do believe the patriots will win this game handily with a final score of: 33-17.

As for the rest of the season, we got that shit locked down. Like honestly people want them to stop winning, yet they keep getting reasons to win served on a plate. Tom Brady is gonna beat the Ravens/Colts by so much they’ll want to quit. It wont even be fun anymore cause it’ll be like watching Brady against your local 6th grade co-ed flag football team. Serious to God, if the Patriots ENTIRE starting squad could just stay healthy for one full season the debate about the greatest will be over. #PATSNATION #IMPEACHGOODELL #SUPERBOWLBOUND #HASHTAG


Much love fam

Come back this weekend for a recap of the game.

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