The Little Things

Dear Mac,

This is just a little something to show you that you’re appreciated. You’ve taught me to love the little things, and I thank you for that. And now, before you stop me, just hear what my mind is conjuring up right now.

So like, you know when Mac Late Night has Ketchup every once in a Blue Moon? That shit is DOPE. Like honestly it makes my day when I can get some lukewarm French fries and smother them into my face with some leftover Ketchup from lower. Even better in my opinion are the lines. I love the fact that I can go to Mac, wait in absurdly long lines to get food (that is a “0” on the “1” or “0” test and a 3.19/10). I love being in those lines because it really affords with me some valuable quality time with the homies. I love soaking up the whole CoRo atmosphere and really appreciating all the things we have on CoRo. like Mac and spike ball.

Another thing that really revs my engine is when Mac comes in clutch with that plastic silverware. Although all the metal silverware is out, it’s so nice of them to keep out plastic silverware for me to use to cut my $42 prime rib. Really, it’s effective and saves me the trouble of either trying to cut it with a fork, or just saying, “Fuck it!” and choosing to eat with my hands like a fucking Mongol.

Sorry, back to Late Night for a second. I just couldn’t go on one more sentence without mentioning the fact that when Late Night has syrup for their sodas it’s like Jesus has been reborn (two times). Usually bae (Mac) is just playing and she doesn’t want me to drink sodas.

Mac, if I weren’t a Patriots fan, you’d be the true G.O.A.T. in my book. The fact that you close at midnight on Thursdays as an attempt to save my meal plan (and my lean figure) is so considerate of you. The way you always lock that far left door (which my stupid self can’t seem to remember) is so convenient. I love that you look out for our safety like that. And perhaps the best thing about you is that you serve steak and cheese Tuesdays/Thursdays for lunch and a modified version Friday for dinner. Honestly I don’t know why I would rather have it everyday when I could have it three times a week.

Thanks for everything you do to bring me happiness twice a month.

Yours Truly,

Tony Stark

One thought on “The Little Things

  1. Horribly written, are you a 16 year old girl in highschool? You sound like a fucking idiot. Dont quit your day job, cause writing articles about bull shit that no body would even want to be paid to read is not looking good for youre future fuck face.


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