The Daily Jam (September 9th)

FIDLAR: 40oz. On Repeat


 Who: FIDLAR is a punk rock (kind of surfer punk, kind of not) group from Los Angeles, California. Their self-titled debut album was homage to drinking, smoking, and how terrible going to rehab is. Now they are back with their sophomore LP titled Too that keeps the ball rolling in a similar direction. This was the first single off of said album.

Why: This selection goes out to all those who are already struggling with week two of school. The song sings to those who are just so misunderstood that they only have one option, drink themselves into oblivion (so much for rehab right guys?). It’s an absolute jam though, despite its rough lyrics. This is the type of song you’re going to want to listen to alone (or with a non-judgmental best friend) and just aggressively dance to. I jammed along to it all summer, now you can jam to it today, BC.

Live: There aren’t any great clips of FIDLAR performing 40 Oz, but I did find this one from May of them playing it here in Boston! Their next live performance available to you will be early in the day Sunday at Boston Calling, so if you head out to see Hozier, don’t forget to check out FIDLAR.

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