250 Word Review: Boys Wearing Headphones

The year is 2015. Technology is integrated into almost every aspect of our daily lives. People keep a phone in hand almost everywhere they go, but WHY do people – mostly males – stay strapped with a pair of headphones around their neck everywhere they go.

I walked into the Lower dining hall yesterday (its proper name is Corcoran commons, pour one out for the dude named Corcoran that definitely dropped a lot of cash to have it named that and no one calls it that), and I saw a table of four male Boston College students sitting at a high top table. It seemed that they had intentionally come together, and were possibly seeking out a dinner of camaraderie and friendship, HOWEVER they all had headphones snaked up their shirts around their necks, and one. Earbud. In.

I understand that there is most likely no music or anything playing, but your company you’re with may not know this. Maybe it’s a hassle to take your headphones out of your shirt, and put them back there later. However, if that’s the hardest thing you do in a day you’re doing alright.

Have some respect for those that you’re spending time with and remove your headphones and give the living human you’re with a listen, cause “everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t” -Bill Nye the Science Guy. Take a note from Bill Nye and get to know some of those things maybe. (Rant over).


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