The Daily Jam (September 8th)

The Daily Jam is a subsection of Chestnut Trill where one can come on a musical trip from Andrew W.K. to Ziggy Marley and everything in between. I’ll do my best to give you a song a day and some background on why it’s worth grooving to if you’ll give me a listen. Most of these songs aren’t going to be bangers (#JamsNotBangers) but I think you’ll find they’ll put your vibe in the place it needs to be. Whether your significant other just cheated on you or we just beat USC, I’ll try to give you a song to help you get by. The Daily Jam is ever evolving and will likely not always have the same feel, but I’ll try to cater it to what y’all want to listen to. Get ready for the ride homies.

September 8, 2015

Youth Lagoon: 17

Trevor Powers
Trevor Powers

Who: Youth Lagoon is the name for Idaho native Trevor Powers’ psychedelic project that features powerful lyrics and trippy melodies. This is the type of band you’ll want to listen to alone late at night when you’re just trying to feel a little out of your own head (with our without the help of illegal substances).

Why: This one goes out to the beautiful class of 2019 as they are just beginning their journey with us at BC. 17 comes off of Youth Lagoon’s album titled “The Year of Hibernation” It’s a song that demands to be felt by our younger selves and evokes nostalgia in even the coldest hearts. I know many of you frosh may be feeling a bit homesick and confused; Hopefully Trevor’s poetic lyrics about youth and imagination can get you through it.

Live: Here’s a great clip of Powers playing 17. If you’re feeling it, feel free to check him and the rest of Youth Lagoon out here in Boston (Paradise Rock Club) October 30th.

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