Song of the Year?

If you are looking for witty lyrics and a harmonious melody then you are looking in the wrong place. If, however, you find yourself up at 11:45 on this fine Labor day with a 9 am class tomorrow and are looking for absolute bangers to add to your totally hip and fire pregame playlist then this is the place to be. If there was ever a poster child for a shitty musician whose songs remain on repeat it would be Future. I mean, come on, if I had a 5 year old sibling he/she could write better lyrics but at the end of the day his music STILL sells. The guy just knows how to get middle class, white college students (like myself) fired up in a way very few others can (must be something about bass-induced heart palpitations on a Thursday night). So, Future, keep the bass turned up, the dreads long, and rock on.

On a side note: Future has dropped three mixtapes and his most recent album “Dirty Sprite 2” since taking a break from is relationship with recording artist and ex-fiancé Ciara this past summer. Talk about a change in focus.


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