E-Cigarettes: Review in 250 Words or Less

What’s the deal with E-Cigs, vapes, or whatever you call them if you’re European? The majority of people seem to fall into the same camp—one summed up by the one and only Ray Velcoro, the wordsmith of True Detective’s newest season:

true detective

Real cigarettes just seem so much more legit and, for the most part, stop you from either looking like a grade-A douche who spends his time sucking down on e-cigs cause he wants to practice being cool, or a kid who rips during his breaks from WoW because he doesn’t leave his dorm room enough to get the needed nicotine from actual cigs.

While some of those pre-med students will say this stigma is simply discouraging a habit that’s actually better for your health than ripping cigs all day, why listen to science when we have our personal opinions on our side? After all, scientists are still trying to push evolution on our population when its obvious Creation is the only option. Science is unreliable these days and ripping e-cigs in dorms is, and will always be the move of a true fiend.


EDIT: I forgot some facts about vaping

  3. All the cool smoke tricks I can do with those FAT CLOUDS

E-CIGARETTE RATING (revised)—8/10

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