Balling on a Budget

It’s a classic college dilemma: How to look good without spending too much money. Like many of you I’m a budget shopper who sees new gear, shoes, etc. that I want everyday. So, here are some websites that can help you look good without emptying the bank account.

For starters, I am a huge fan of JackThreads™. Talk about a website that makes great products for a reasonable price. With that being said, you may go on their website today and see prices greater than what you’re willing to spend. Here’s the secret: wait for sales. Nearly everyday I feel like I receive an email advertising 15% off this or 50% off that. Yesterday I even saw an outrageous 80% labor day sale which I unfortunately was not able to take advantage of. Regardless, check out the site and as a fairly loyal customer I can tell you from first hand experience it’s good shit.

Are you looking for a dope new jersey that you can rock to the mods and pick up every chick there with? Well I have a site for you. It upsets me that AliExpress™ flies under the radar as much as it does. This somewhat sketchy, Chinese online super store has every jersey for every team you can possible imagine (along with kitchen appliances, jewelry, and cars to name a few). Personally, I tend to stay in the jersey section where you can find numerous items all for under $30. You can find them by going under the Sports and Outdoors section –> sports clothing –> jerseys. Just last month I purchased a Giancarlo Stanton Miami Marlins jersey, a Johnny Gaudreau Calgary flames jersey, and a Charles Barkley USA jersey all for around $60 (shipping included). Now, the interesting part about this website is that each jersey arrives from individual vendors. So, you may get one jersey on let’s say June 1st but not receive your second jersey until June 4th. Either way I can vouch that I have never had a problem getting any merchandise. Disclaimer: the jerseys are NOT 100% authentic. This should be expected for being able to get these prime products for a more-than-manageable price. With that being said, the differences are 95% unnoticeable. For example, my friend recently purchased a Bryce Harper Washington Nationals and the only difference was a slight difference in the color of the red stitching on the sleeves, which only a true fan of the team would notice. Take a look at the site, buy a couple jerseys, and watch the girls come in.

Lastly, do you find yourself in your dorm room with a very attractive girl wanting to “netflix and chill” but like many of us have already seen all of the good movies Netflix has to offer or don’t want to pay for a subscription. There’s an easy solution and it comes in the form of RainierLand. The site consists of brand new movies (some even still in theaters) that anyone can stream instantly for free. On top of that, the videos are of good quality and they often have new seasons of popular television shows as well. For example, right now you could stream Straight Out of Compton, Southpaw, American Sniper, and others all from the comfort of your bed for no cost at all. So, next time you some how get that girl who’s way out of your league back to your room put on a good movie even if you aren’t going to be watching. Enjoy.

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