250 Word Review: Maria from Eagle’s Nest

1993 Michael Jordan. 2000 Tiger. ’07 Brady.

All three are legends in the prime of their careers, and Maria from Eagle’s Nest is no different at this moment in her sandwich-making life. Whether it’s my personal favorite Tuscan chicken or the spicy steak, Maria consistently steps up to the plate and hits 500-foot dingers out of the park day-in and day-out.

You could wait on the Press It line for a Baja or New England Classic that is thus far MIA, or you could make the pro move and brave the crowd for Nest Specialties in order to meet a living legend. Would you pass up the chance to meet LeBron if he was creating culinary gold in Eagle’s? Didn’t think so. Same thing applies with Maria. A true master of her craft and the real life personification of the GOAT.

FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-3

The facts

  • Maria joined the elite BC Dining crew just over a year ago
  • Her favorite sandwich to prepare is a Tuscan chicken
    • Side note: if you ever get the chance, watch her with the balsamic vinaigrette on a Tuscan. Chef Harden move over. Maria’s cooking with the wrist motion.
  • Originally from Peru

Maria wanted to make it a point that she really does care about the students who populate Eagle’s. Everyday she comes in and tries to provide the motherly influence that we’re all missing while away from home. Next time you’re eagerly waiting for her latest masterpiece, be sure to have a conversation with her. Nothing major, just a hello, how are you, etc. The smile she’ll give you when you say hi will make it worth it 11 times out of 10.


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