Review: Table for Six

Mac. The name is notorious for being synonymous with miserable food; where dreams of fine dining and fulfilling meals go to die. While dissecting my fifth grilled chicken sandwich of the week I could not help but long for something better than what I was currently eating, but the usual suspects (Eagles Deli, Dominos, New Hong Kong) didn’t seem as appetizing as they once were. … Continue reading Review: Table for Six

Imagining BC In 100 Years

A century ago, BC did not in anyway resemble the university we know today. Our beloved Gasson was only two years old and students couldn’t #gassongram it because Instagram was still 95 years away. If you thought no FIFA nights with the guys would suck, just imagine going to school without girls – BC didn’t become fully co-ed until ’74. With these telling details in … Continue reading Imagining BC In 100 Years

Gio, the King of Walsh

The man. The myth. The legend. The Gio. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting Walsh Hall, then you know the exact man I’m talking about. This man is the Maria of the Walsh Security Guard staff. The calm, cool, collected, Gio. I’m not going to bullshit you, no one likes getting cockblocked by Walsh security. You’re trying to bring a lady friend back … Continue reading Gio, the King of Walsh

Love Your Body Week: A Mission

Love Your Body Week: So it’s Love Your Body Week here at Boston College, and everyone should be taking part. It’s a great philosophy and ideology, and nearly everyone gets a better understanding of who they are and the infinite reasons they should be okay with that. Everyone’s always going to be dealing with something intrapersonally, so to shame anyone over anything about their physical … Continue reading Love Your Body Week: A Mission

No-Shave November: Female Take

Hello. It’s ya girl Napoleon here. We’re a little over a week deep into No-Shave November and things are just getting going. For those that are unsure of why we as a society promote such an oddity as a whole month where the males do not shave their various facial hair, here’s a quick tutorial. The conversation initiated here is just what the goal of this … Continue reading No-Shave November: Female Take

Spotlight: WavyBeatz

Dormroom rappers rejoice. Angelo Hunt aka WavyBeatz, a fellow product of CLXF and Long Island, has been on his grind producing instrumentals for you to rap over. From personal experience I can say that they’re great to study with as well. CoRo resident Ding Zheng was two steps ahead and posted the bars below on Soundcloud yesterday. A Frenchie reference, Vineyard Vines, UMass and BU … Continue reading Spotlight: WavyBeatz

The Presidential Candidates Walk Into a Bar…And This Is What They Ordered…

With the 2016 Presidential Election exactly one year away I figured that we ought to get to know the candidates on a more personal level, and that starts at the bar. The Democrats Hillary Clinton- Colt 45 Malt Liquor “I’m cultured. I swear.” Item: Bill Clinton. Because if there’s anyone that can schmooze like a pro, it’s Slick Willy. P.S. He’s also going to try … Continue reading The Presidential Candidates Walk Into a Bar…And This Is What They Ordered…

Weekend Sendoff & Shop

It’s Friday.     Congratulations, people: you made it through the week. So kick back, trade in those khakis and leggings for sweatpants and start the unwinding process off right. Last home football game/tailgate til 2016 on Saturday. Act accordingly.          Khaki bucket hat with the logo below on it: Buy a Relay for Life shirt for $20 and donate 33% of … Continue reading Weekend Sendoff & Shop

Life with a Beard: Your Guide to No Shave November

*Editor’s note*:  This month we’ll be selling the shirts seen below for $20, with 33% of the profits going towards Relay for Life. Relay is the largest non-sporting event on campus and is a crucial factor in spreading awareness and fundraising to turn the tide in the fight against cancer. Visit our new shop and buy one today here.          Disclaimer: What … Continue reading Life with a Beard: Your Guide to No Shave November

10 Times I Regretted Adding my Grandmother on Facebook

So this is a picture of my grandmother, Susan Brown, this past year. Yep. This photo was taken right after her first skydiving experience. It’s pretty much safe to say she is a certifiable badass. I can tell what you are thinking right now… probably the same thing that any waitress of ours has thought in the past- “Wow! There is no way she is … Continue reading 10 Times I Regretted Adding my Grandmother on Facebook

Halloweekend Recap

Halloween weekend has come and gone, leaving wreckage in its wake like a goddamn hurricane. The scene at breakfast in Lower/Mac today is what I imagine the apocalypse to look like: disheveled hair, mismatched clothes, looks of sorrow and confusion for as far as the eye can see. The body language signals a common message: don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee. You … Continue reading Halloweekend Recap